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World leaders in the manufacture and installation
of dust and fume extraction systems...

When you’re a world leading engineering, manufacturing, chemical or pharmaceutical organisation, you need world leading dust and fume extraction too.

Climavent manufactures, installs and services dust and fume extraction systems across the UK for a hugely diverse range of businesses, from BAE Systems, Caterpillar and Ford, to F2 Chemicals, Oryx Qatar and Coca-Cola.

We’re there when you know exactly what you need and you want it on time, on spec and on budget. We’re there when there’s a problem and you need help finding the solution. And we’re there when you’ve been told you need X, and you need us to do the rest.

For over 25 years, we’ve been helping organisations large and small create safer, cleaner, compliant workspaces. To find out how we can help you, please ask for a no obligation quote on 01942 726 164 or contact us below.

We are world leaders in the Manufacture and installation of dust and fume extraction systems

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Environmental Statement

When everything you do is designed to make working environments cleaner and safer, the same has to be true of your working practices. That’s why Climavent is fully committed to the environment, and to doing all we can to uphold your environmental standards.


We always work to dispose of dust and fumes safely and securely.  We look first to work with local suppliers so we reduce our carbon footprint. And we ensure that every member of staff understands their environmental responsibilities.


We’re also committed to playing a positive role in our community, always looking to recruit first from the local area to combat locally high levels of unemployment. We aim to promote from within. And we encourage every member of our team to develop their skills and experience, and enjoy their work. We think it shows.



About Us