Extraction problem solved for automotive application

Climavent have completed the installation of nine magnesium sanding and deburring benches for their customer in the automotive industry. Manufacturing large die cast components and assemblies such as instrument panels and dashboards they required a solution to control the highly flammable magnesium dust.

In order to comply with current health and safety guideline HSG 258, Climavent supplied 2.4m wide x 1.2m deep work benches with strip curtain sides and top canopies to form an enclosure around the workpiece. The sides and top canopies not only control the airborne respirable dust but also contain heavier swarf and so keep the whole workshop cleaner and safer. A turntable was provided to allow the operator to work from one side of the bench.

LW22 stainless steel wet collector units with magnesium controls provides an airflow of 8000m³/hr for each bench. Wet collector units draw the dust-laden air through a tank of water. Heavy dust particles are thrown directly into the water and settle as sludge in the base of the unit for subsequent removal. Air and light dust are drawn over the surface of the water and scrubbing cups turn the air and entrained water, wetting even the very fine dust particles. A series of baffles removes the wetted dust and clean air is discharged from the top of the unit back into the works atmosphere. Smooth walled ductwork was used to connect the benches to the wet collectors.

Down draught benches are a ‘must have’ for any manufacturing environment that conducts applications including; heavy duty grinding, fettling, deburring or linishing. They are available in standard widths of 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.4 and 3.6m and are supplied with full height sides and canopy tops with integral lighting. LW22 wet collectors are manufactured in GRP as standard but are also available in stainless steel. The units have no main filters ensuring that the original high suction rate is maintained throughout the life of the unit. Depending on the type of dust generated wet or dry filtration systems are available.

For further information please contact Climavent on +44 (0)1942 726164.