Climavent’s HP & CP Series Mobile Fume Extraction Units

From welding, to solvent, paint and chemical applications, Climavent HP & CP Series Mobile Fume Extraction Units are the ideal solution for those awkward fume applications. With the option of single arm, double arm or up to 10mtrs of extraction hose, the Mobile Fume Extraction Units are available to hire or purchase and can be […]

High Vacuum Mobile Extraction Unit installation at Plymouth Dockyard

Climavent were approached to design, supply and commission a Mobile Ventilation System for the extraction of dust and fumes arising from various hot working processes at a shipyard in Plymouth, England. The specification covered the implementation of a Mobile Extraction Ventilation System with the capability of effectively filtering contaminants to minimal levels to allow the […]

Acoustic Thermal Spray Booth for a project in Mexico

Working alongside metal spray equipment supplier Metallisation, Climavent have completed the design and manufacture of an 8 strand multi-void Acoustic Thermal Spray Chamber for a project in Mexico. Hydro Precision Tubing had a requirement for an acoustic thermal spray chamber to be fitted within a production line for the arc spraying of multi-void tubes. The […]

Bespoke Mobile Paint Extraction Unit for Aerospace Giants

Climavent have designed a bespoke, highly technical Mobile Paint Fume Extraction Unit to filter and monitor the emissions generated during paint spraying applications at a worldwide renowned Aerospace company based in Cambridge, England. Climavent were commissioned to provide an extraction unit with intelligent monitoring equipment and control systems that could remove solvent and odour particles […]

Wet Collector Units

Wet Collectors are able to draw the dust-laden air through a tank of water ensuring heavy dust particles are thrown directly into the water and settle as sludge in the base of the unit for…