High Vacuum Mobile Extraction Unit installation at Plymouth Dockyard

Climavent were approached to design, supply and commission a Mobile Ventilation System for the extraction of dust and fumes arising from various hot working processes at a shipyard in Plymouth, England. The specification covered the implementation of a Mobile Extraction Ventilation System with the capability of effectively filtering contaminants to minimal levels to allow the […]

Acoustic Thermal Spray Booth for a project in Mexico

Working alongside metal spray equipment supplier Metallisation, Climavent have completed the design and manufacture of an 8 strand multi-void Acoustic Thermal Spray Chamber for a project in Mexico. Hydro Precision Tubing had a requirement for an acoustic thermal spray chamber to be fitted within a production line for the arc spraying of multi-void tubes. The […]

Bespoke Mobile Paint Extraction Unit for Aerospace Giants

Climavent have designed a bespoke, highly technical Mobile Paint Fume Extraction Unit to filter and monitor the emissions generated during paint spraying applications at a worldwide renowned Aerospace company based in Cambridge, England. Climavent were commissioned to integrate sensitive, intelligent monitoring equipment and control systems that could measure and adapt how the unit works to […]

Wet Collector Units

Wet Collectors are able to draw the dust-laden air through a tank of water ensuring heavy dust particles are thrown directly into the water and settle as sludge in the base of the unit for…