Acoustic Thermal Spray Booth for a project in Mexico

Working alongside metal spray equipment supplier Metallisation, Climavent have completed the design and manufacture of an 8 strand multi-void Acoustic Thermal Spray Chamber for a project in Mexico.

Hydro Precision Tubing had a requirement for an acoustic thermal spray chamber to be fitted within a production line for the arc spraying of multi-void tubes.

The Thermal Spray Booth is 2,400mm x 1,500mm x 2,200mm high mounted on a track so it can be removed from the production line when not required and is height adjustable.

The Booth is supplied with an Arc Spray gun mounting system. This system will support 16 arc spray guns arranged in pairs and enclosed in a spray chamber within a soundproof enclosure. Double access doors on the front and a single access door on the rear give access to the spray chamber for set up and maintenance. Adjustable graphite guide rollers are fitted at the entry point of the spray chamber and on the bottom and side at the exit.

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