Occupational Diseases Caused By Dust

Reports state that every year thousands of employees fall victim to an occupational disease caused by inhaling dust – something that can easily be avoided by ensuring that dust extraction units are present, and working efficiently.

Ensuring that adequate dust extraction systems are in place in the workplace not only keeps the health and safety officials happy, it keeps workers happy and your company accountant happy too. If you are able to provide a safe working environment it means that there will be fewer instances of illness, and your company will ultimately be more profitable – but what if you already have dust extraction systems in place and workers are still becoming ill?

It is possible that you might have the wrong type of unit installed, or maybe it has been installed incorrectly. The other common cause is if the unit hasn’t been maintained regularly.

Health and safety law states that you must maintain your dust extraction units to ensure they are in good working order, and therefore able to provide the right level of protection. This includes having a periodic examination and test by a competent person at least every 14 months. To remain compliant, you must keep this record of inspection and test for at least 5 years. The information should also be installed on the dust extraction system to show that adequate protection is being provided – this should remain on the system for the lifetime of the equipment.

If in doubt, get expert advice. By consulting an expert, it is possible to ensure that your company is complying with health and safety law, and not losing money through workers suffering from a dust related illness.

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