Wet Collector Units

LW22P Wet Dust Exhaust Units

Climavent’s Wet Collector Units are manufactured to cope with the heavy burden of flammable dust arising from grinding, fettling, linishing, polishing and trimming applications. It is an efficient and effective way of disposing of those obnoxious fumes which arise within the workplace.

Wet Collectors are able to draw the dust-laden air through a tank of water ensuring heavy dust particles are thrown directly into the water and settle as sludge in the base of the unit for subsequent removal. Air and light dust are drawn over the surface of the water and scrubbing cups turn the air and entrained water, wetting even the very fine dust particles. A series of baffles removes the wetted dust and clean air is discharged from the top of the unit back into the works atmosphere.

The Wet Dust Exhaust Units are renowned for their robustness, as unlike many other units, there are no moving parts filters or sprays to contend with. This allows them to maintain their original suction rates, even under the most arduous of conditions.

Climavent manufacture the LW22P Wet Collector Unit as a single unit alongside the Climavent Down Draught Bench system, or as a bank of units which provides filtration for larger centralised systems.

Climavent’s LW22P unit has a non corrosive GRP body with stainless steel internal scrubbing components and if serviced on a regular basis , every 12 months is the recommended servicing, will provide many years of efficient extraction. This eradicates the common problem associated with Wet Dust Exhaust units – the metal enclosure and internal components can often start to corrode after a short period of time. Climavent recognised this and, therefore, produced the ideal product to conquer extraction requirements as well as being non-corrosive.

With over 25 years experience in the dust and fume extraction industry, Climavent are well aware of the importance of ensuring the right extraction system is used in within each environment. With this expertise, Climavent engineers are able to visit sites and give their knowledgeable opinion on what extraction unit you require. To request a site visit, call us today on 01942 726164.

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